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Offer Your Customers a Full-Service Solar System Warranty

With over 170 million solar panels covered worldwide, PowerGuard® is the global leader in insurance coverage for the solar industry. Our Residential Solar Protection Plan leverages this expertise to provide property owners extended coverage for their entire solar system. See how offering the Plan to your customers can grow your business. For a list of downloadable documents that provides everything you need to get started, click here.

Relying on warranties that come with individual solar components can become an unnecessary headache for you and your customers. Warranties vary greatly and are difficult to manage if there is a problem. We offer coverage for the entire system.

Customer satisfaction is the key to growing your business through referrals and testimonials. By providing valuable peace of mind for customers, the PowerGuard® Residential Solar Protection Plan supports building solid customer relationships. If the customer ever has a problem, they can chose your firm to help with the repair.

You are in control of how you want to build your revenue from the plan: embed the cost in your overall installation, or present it as an optional feature and let the buyer decide. You also decide the final price that you want to charge your customer.

Getting started is easy. Contact us by filling out our inquiry form or by calling us at 1.877.272.2303. We’ll answer all your questions and guide you through the process of becoming an authorized partner for the PowerGuard® Residential Solar Protection Plan. Once you are set up, you can begin offering the Plan to your customers.